Traffic tickets

Many of us can relate to the headaches caused by traffic violations.
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Criminal charges (Summary)

These lead to various consequences and do not only cost a lot but even lead to imprisonment.

Small claims

Legal action is your company of choice to represent you in small claims court.
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Fight Traffic Tickets in Toronto, G.T.A.
& Southern Ontario with Legal Action

So you're in a legal jam. You have a ticket, fine or criminal summary charges that you have to deal with and it's just one more thing on your already packed schedule. You're frustrated, worried and confused about your legal problems and their potential consequences on your job, family and personal well-being.

Relax. Here at Legal Action, we understand the stress you are under and we're here to help you in difficult times!

Because we work with traffic tickets, speeding tickets, criminal summary charges and small claims court, we understand that even minor infractions can have an enormously negative impact on your driving and even criminal record, insurance rates and your personal reputation.

Free up your time and mind when you choose Legal Action to handle your legal worries. We will act as your guide, demystifying the Canadian legal system and delivering strong and effective results without high-costs and headaches.

With a fully-insured and licensed Toronto paralegal, you can rest assured that you will get experienced legal representation. You can be confident in our knowledge of legal matters and rely on us for our understanding and willingness to get you through.

So get confident - get Legal Action!

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