Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about fighting traffic tickets, speeding tickets or about your demerit point defense? Check for your answer here.

Legal Action is constantly fielding questions about the legal process, paralegal services, and other issues. To save your time, here are some of most frequently asked questions to understand what Legal Action can do and is prepared to do for our clients:

Demerit Points

What are Demerit Points? Find out for yourself! Click Here.

1. My traffic ticket was for something quite minor, and the fine is minimal, but I feel wrongly accused. Should I go through the trouble of fighting it?

You should try to erase all traffic tickets from your driving record because even a minor driving infraction can be enough for insurance companies to raise your rates dramatically. Traffic tickets remain on your insurance record for 3 years, regardless of whether or not you have points. In the long run, you are better off fighting it.

2. Can you provide a 100% guarantee that you will win my case?

We, as Ontario paralegals, are now regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada. It has been established that providing guarantees is unethical and prohibited by any legal service provider. While we cannot provide a 100% guarantee that we'll win your case, we can guarantee that we will work to get you a great result from any charge and that the outcome will be far more positive working with us than by flying solo in the courtroom.

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