Other Criminal Charges

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Other Criminal Charges

Criminal Indictable Offences require a Criminal Lawyer to provide Representation.  Legal Action recommends and is affiliated with Philippe Benayon, an experienced criminal lawyer, known for his respectful and professional approach and complete accessibility.  As a former Crown prosecutor with over 18 years of experience Philippe deals with all criminal matters expertly and time-efficiently, striving for the best possible outcome for you. 

If you don’t want to risk the devastating consequences of being left without a job, experience the difficulty of having access to other countries, denied insurance, or possible imprisonment and free yourself from worries about your personal and financial future and the risk of a permanent criminal record, choose Phillipe Benayon. He will provide you with the effective representation you need to guide you through these obstacles.  Contact our office today to be put in touch with Phillippe and receive the representation you desire.

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