When convicted of driving under suspension, you cannot drive at all in Ontario for 6 months. If convicted, you are liable:

  • For a first offence, to a fine of not less than $1000, and not more than $5000; and
  • For each subsequent offence, to a fine of not less than $2000 and not more than $5000
  • Or to imprisonment of not more than 6 months or to both.

A driving while suspended charge can also result in a seizure of your vehicle for seven days and an increase in your insurance rates.

Reasons for which a driver’s license may be suspended include: failing to pay a fine, accumulating too many demerit points on your driving record, speeding more than 50 km/hr, medical suspension, a conviction for a criminal driving offence, breathalyzer reading over .50mgs, fail to pay family support payments, a judge’s order to suspend your license, and civil judgment under the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act.

Legal Action wants to assist you by fighting this charge to save your driver’s license, prevent any subsequent license suspensions, and if possible to help get your driver’s license reinstated. 

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